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New Why Safari Webinar Series and Campaign

May 4th, 2022, by Kristen Malaby

African Travel, Inc. is sharing why an African safari needs to move off everyone’s dream list and instead become a reality while giving travel advisors the tools to inspire clients and sell the destination.

We are highlighting the many compelling reasons to visit Africa in a new webinar series launching May 10 and running now through August 2022.  You are invited to spend 15 minutes with Africa Travel’s experts to learn about safaris and planning tips for different styles of travel.  “Like the stripes of a zebra no two clients are the same. That is why we launched our popular summer webinar series to help you find the right Africa for each guest's unique travel style,” said African Travel President Sherwin Banda.

“We will share the next great adventures, experiences beyond the jeep and what’s new in 2023 as well as provide ideas for some of our fastest growing segments including families and those wanting to celebrate a big occasion or honeymoon,” said Banda.

While the series is available both live and on demand, people are encouraged to register to not miss accessing some value-add experiences like elephant encounters for families and exciting island hopping if clients book a safari after the webinar. 

Just as African Travel is a one stop shop for air, hotel and experiences, the outfitter also launched a Why safari digital page with all the information you need for planning a safari, highlights what makes a safari unique, and answers frequently asked questions.  You can also learn about immersive wildlife experiences, how to rejuvenate and relax on a wellness safari and some of the continent’s most unique lodges and camps.

Advisors can also share a new Travel Planning Guide that is customizable with an advisor’s logo and contact details. The guide is also a great reference tool, featuring information on the value of a safari and destination guides with a video, seasonal calendar, and top experiences.  Additional infographics, social posts, blog content, and marketing assets are available to advisors who have completed the African Travel Academy and are African Travel Specialists.

When asked why this campaign now, Banda responded, “After years of restricted travel globally, everyone is asking what’s next and where next? Travelers want to make up for lost time and are looking at making their dream list a reality. Africa is naturally on the top of this list, but we must do more to move it to a place they visit now.”  “At the beginning of the year we launched our ideas for Africa’s “Greatest of All Trips” GOAT safaris.  We realized we can’t just share experiences; we have to show why Africa is a good investment.

"Africa will always deliver epic encounters of wildlife found only in Africa, but you get to explore the cradle of humanity, access expert guides, enjoy great services and African inspired lodges and camps, discover world heritage sites, relax in nature’s wide-open spaces and enjoy experiences that are life-changing for both travelers and the Africans they meet,” added Banda. 

To learn more about Why Safari, visit

For more details on the African Travel 2022 Webinar Series, visit 

May 10th | Family Safaris
Experiences to suit each family's style and interest.

May 24th | African Romance & Honeymoons
Ideas for honeymoons, weddings and special celebrations.

June 14th | LGBTQ+ Pride Safaris
Explore experiences unique to LGBTQ+ guests.
July 12th | Next Great Safari Adventures
Discover Africa’s hidden gems.
August 9th | Africa’s Cultural Connections
Our favorite art, food, culture and heritage experiences.

August 23rd | What's New in 2023
Learn about new journeys and destinations.

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