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#TTCTop3 2022 Africa Places to Visit

December 23rd, 2021, by Sherwin Banda

A new year brings new adventures and I’m eager to fill it with travels.  I’m blessed to have been born in Africa and look forward to discovering new places and rediscovering favorites on the continent, which is my theme this year for my 2022 bucket list.

I hope you enjoy the journey of reading it, dreaming a little and perhaps going on one or more of the adventures. I assure you can travel confidently knowing when you travel with African Travel and our TTC family of brands that all the details are taken care of on your behalf.

1. Kenya - Sustainable Experience

Ol Pejeta is home to the last two northern white rhinos in the world

One of my favorite parts of travel is meeting the locals. Kenya is a country that actively invites you to participate. 

Guests on our Under Kenyan Skies safari can experience the Maasai culture. Living a semi-nomadic lifestyle, the Maasai tribe have modernized in some ways but adhere to many aspects of their traditional culture. Established as fierce warriors, their lively cultural dance, vibrant clothing and beautifully crafted handiwork are recognized worldwide.

Kenya is also special because of its sustainable tourism practices. The country has one of the most successful community wildlife conservancies and has made great strides in protecting the very different species you can see here. There is wildlife you won’t find anywhere else on the continent, like the Grévy's zebra, Beisa oryx, Gerenuk and Somali ostrich. I can’t wait to visit to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to see these animals and witness the the extraordinary work by local communities. I’m also excited to revisit the Ol Pejeta Conservancy and meet the keepers caring for the last two northern white rhinos.

Further south, I’m eager to explore the floodplains of Amboseli National Park. Known as ‘a land of giants,’ there has been an elephant baby boom and I’m excited to see the elephants and adopt one.  

The Emakoko is also an incredible family-run lodge located in Kenya’s oldest National Park. The Nairobi National Park is one of the most unique parks in Africa because the city of Nairobi and wildlife live side by side in harmony, as if as time has stood still for thousands of years for these animals. The park has one of the largest populations of black rhino in the world and the wildlife knows no boundaries.

For more Kenya ideas check out Top 10 sustainable Kenya Experiences.

2. Botswana - Secret Migration

The Baobab Treehouse at Xigera Safari Lodge

Botswana sets a gold standard in Africa for sustainability and exclusivity among nature and wildlife. Botswana truly delivers unmatched wildlife safari experiences.

The best thing about Botswana is that you can have both land and water safari experiences. It’s a magical, beautiful destination, and the government has limited the size of camps to keep numbers down, so it’s perfect for people who want an intimate safari experience.

I’m most excited to visit Xigera Safari Lodge in the heart of the Okavango Delta. I look forward to sightings of lion, cheetah andtheir famous leopards. Gliding through the waterwaysa glass-bottomed mokoros (African gondola) intrigues me and there’s no better way to end a ride in an African style gondola with a ‘feet-in-the-water’ sundowner.

I love great design and Xigera feels like you are a part of nature as opposed to one just looking at it. The lodge is aesthetically designed to camouflage with the surroundings of the Okavango Delta. I can’t wait to re-wild surrounded by exceptional artwork that matches the unique location.

I’m looking to time the visit to the start of Africa’s second “secret” migration and revisit one of the camps in the Makgadikgadi Like the 1940’s-style Jack’s Camp, A favorite experience here is watching pixie-faced meerkats emerging from their burrow at sun rise.

Experience Xigera as part of our Ultimate Botswana itinerary.

3. Egypt - Nile Cruise

The S.S. Sphinx is the only luxury river cruise ship in Egypt

Egypt may be known for ancient treasures and rich history, but there is more to this nation and I can’t wait to share it with my family. The surreal waters, golden sand beaches and remarkable architecture are just some of the things I yearn to revisit.

I can't wait to experience Uniworld's cruise across the Nile on its newest luxury super ship, the S.S. Sphinx. The ability to go back in time and experience ancient civilizations is something incredible. The journey is hosted by an Egyptologist who lives and breathes the history of Egypt. It’s a very mysterious world with the legacy of pharaohs and ancient gods, and to hear an Egyptologist tell their stories will certainly take me back in time to relive their legacy. 

I look forward to visiting the brand-new Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo and to see Egyptian treasures that have been perfectly preserved for thousands of years. Having an Egyptologist guide you and show you what these artifacts meant to the ancient Egyptians makes this all the more special.

Cairo has been depicted in so many movies and has always been a place that has captured the imagination of the world. Just to walk down the ancient streets and experience what has been so transfixed by people’s minds has always been a desire to do with my family. Doing this on a luxury floating hotel cruising down one of the world’s ancient rivers is something that must be on everyone’s bucket list. Adding a safari to this visit is the ultimate end to a world-class journey. 

Experience Egypt and Uniworld’s Nile River cruise on the Wonder's of Egypt  

To book an exciting dream safari contact African Travel, Inc.

at 1 (800) 421-8907.

World Safari Day

November 24th, 2021, by Chelsea Todaro

Visiting Africa is all about the memorable experiences you make with its people, culture, and wildlife while also learning about the importance of preserving and rejuvenating what makes the continent so special.  

With Africa open for travel, there are so many meaningful experiences to explore – from Kenya’s vast Maasai Mara plains, Tanzania’s wildlife-rich Serengeti, to South Africa’s ‘Rainbow Nation’ of cultures. For 45 years we have been passionate about creating safaris that allows you to slow down, explore, and connect with the magic of Africa.

In celebration of #WorldSafariDay on November 25, we have highlighted five next-level experiences that connect you with Africa’s people, environment, and wildlife and leave a positive impact on the surrounding communities.

The Silent Safari

Cheetah Plains uses electric vehicles

Safari vehicles across South and East Africa are transforming game drives with its electric-powered engines. The use of electric vehicles and boats helps protect the environment with its silent motor and is a game-changer for wildlife spotting – with the chance to see animals that would have been scared off by the sounds of an oncoming engines.   

Cheetah Plains Private Game Reserve have new iconic private villas that accommodates up to eight guests and boasts a private chef and an art and wine gallery. An experienced field guide will take you through the reserve in specially equipped electric vehicles for a nearly silent experience to view wildlife.  The quiet driving gets you closer to sightings in the most unobtrusive way.

Chobe Game Lodge in northern Botswana has invested in electric 4x4's and boats to create the ultimate water safari experience. You’ll gain a different perspective on the area’s impressive wildlife – with plenty of hippos, crocodiles, and the world’s largest concentration of elephants.

Safaris Supporting Women

Experience Reteti as part of our Captivating Kenya journey. Credit: Ami Vitale

Throughout Africa there are compelling experiences that empower women, including those that challenge gender roles and uplift women and their families.

In Kenya, you can visit the community-run Reteti Elephant Sanctuary at Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy and meet the women elephant keepers who are breaking barriers while taking care of these orphaned animals. Watch in awe as the elephants receive their bottles and play in the mud, all the while learning valuable skills, so that they might be re-introduced into the wild. On safari with us, a donation is also made to the care for elephants there.

At Chobe Game Lodge it’s all about the empowerment of women, as more than 65% of all staff members are women. This includes an all-female team of professionally qualified guides – a successful initiative aimed at increasing the number of qualified female guides within the Botswana guiding fraternity.

Invest in Future Wildlife Leaders

Kenya's Ol Pejeta is home to the last two northern white rhinos in the world.

On safari you can learn about - and contribute to - the future of wildlife conservation in Kenya. At Lewa Conservancy you’ll experience conservation first-hand, and your guide will share how your visit is having a positive impact on the local community and wildlife. Take a guided bush walk where you can hopefully spot one of the 200 Black and White rhino in the area, go behind the scenes to see Lewa’s renowned tracker dog unit, learn how the rangers monitor wildlife, or visit the Elephant Underpass that allows them to safely travel their traditional migratory route.

Every safari to East Africa will invest in a child’s participation in the Life & Land Wildlife Warrior Program. This program aims to educate the next generation of conservationists - who live in prominent wildlife areas - about the importance of wildlife conservation and tourism.

An Art & Culture Safari

Ardmore is home to some of South Africa's best artists.

Aside from the beautiful landscapes and incredible wildlife in South Africa, you can also experience the country’s unique culture and sense of community through art and philanthropic projects.

In Durban, enjoy high tea at Ardmore, South Africa’s renowned ceramics studio, where you will meet talented local artisans who create stunning colorful ceramics and fabrics inspired by Zulu folklore and traditions. Learn how Ardmore began with one woman’s journey, and how the studio funds these talented group of sculptors and painters who have won numerous awards in South Africa and around the world.

To learn about Cape Town’s culture, history, and philanthropic community, take a city tour with Uthando. Meaning “love” in Xhosa, Uthando sheds a light in South Africa’s unsung heroes, touring through the city’s eastern townships to learn about diverse community projects that uplift its residents through arts and education. Expert guides will provide an in-depth overview of South Africa’s history and the role that apartheid, discrimination and inequality played in creating these communities.

Explore Rwanda’s Unique Wilderness and Inspiring Culture

Golden monkeys are an endangered species and are unique to the Virunga mountains

In Rwanda you’ll take a safari that was born to help wildlife and protect the country’s unique land and culture. Our Gorilla & Safari Adventure Safari guides you through Rwanda's stunning scenery. Showcasing the unique combination of gorilla treks and Big 5 safari in one country – exploring the incredible biodiversity, wildlife and people throughout Rwanda's volcanoes, rainforest and sweeping plains. Rwanda’s friendly people and gracious hospitality will welcome you as you safari and track the highly endangered mountain gorillas of Volcanoes National Park, an experience that will change you forever. 

At Volcanoes National Park, witness arguably one of the finst views in all of Africa at Virunga Lodge. Guests can watch the sunrise over the dramatic landscape of the Virunga Volcanoes and the Musanze valley to the west and Lake Bulera and Ruhondo to the east. Guests of Virunga lodge have easy access to the Virunga chain of volcanoes allowing some of the best treks through the enchanting bamboo forest on the way to observe the magnificent mountain gorillas. The lodge does as much to support the local community as they do to protect wildlife, therefore endagered species such as the Golden Monkey can be found in the foothills of the volcanic mountains of Volcanoes National Park. 

At The Retreat in Rwanda’s capital, you can meet Rwanda's future leaders as they provide insight into Kigali's art and culinary experience. Gain a deep understanding of why Kigali is so special by visiting a local neighborhood market, participate in Imigongo art painting and taste the aromatic richness of the county’s famous coffee.


To book an exciting dream safari contact African Travel, Inc.

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COVID Vaccination Requirement on 2022 Group Safaris

November 15th, 2021, by Jonathan Brannan

Starting Jan. 1, 2022, guests traveling in non-family groups of 10+ and on African Travel’s set group departures will need to provide proof of an approved COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca Vaxzevria, or Johnson & Johnson), before joining their safari and upon arrival to their destination. Guests will also need to comply with specific PCR testing requirements imposed by airlines and/or governments, which may differ from country to country.

“This decision ensures our commitment to our guests that their well-being is our top priority,” said Sherwin Banda, president of African Travel, Inc. “It is essential that we take personal responsibility to help protect each other, the people and the places we visit.”

To show proof of vaccination, all guests will be asked to provide an authentic COVID-19 vaccination certificate - electronic or paper showing date and time of the vaccination(s) - with the final dose given at least 15 days before the start of their safari. Any testing that is required pre-travel will be the responsibility of the guest to organize, and our safari specialists will facilitate any additional testing requirements for travelers while traveling.

African Travel’s safari vacation packages which feature set group departures to Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania and Southern Africa are truly intimate, averaging no more than 12 guests. Each of African Travel’s journeys are tailor-made and clients can add additional experiences based on interests.

“Guests can feel safe knowing that when they join a set departure or group hosted by their advisor, they are traveling with others who are vaccinated,” said Banda. “If clients prefer a different style of travel whether that’s a private vehicle or in their own bubble, we can customize experiences unique to each traveler’s well-being needs.”

African Travel’s peace of mind promise includes a dedicated and experienced team of safari specialists who look after every detail, providing a safe, worry-free experience. Pre-departure tips and links to paperwork as well as itineraries with time saving testing allows more time to relax or safari. Vetted preferred partners that adhere to strict standards ensure safety, security, and hygiene. Safari investments are protected with options for travel insurance that include cancel for any reason and Future Travel Credits.

The promise also includes 24/7 concierge care. With local offices in Africa and experts based across North America, advisors and guests can always reach local hosts and safari specialists who rapidly respond and make changes to any services or itineraries if the need arises.

For more information on African Travel’s well-being commitment, visit,


To book an exciting dream safari contact African Travel, Inc.

at 1 (800) 421-8907.


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