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LGBTQ+ Friendly African Safaris
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LGBTQ+ Friendly Safaris

At African Travel, we warmly welcome LGBTQ+ travelers and embrace diversity. Our dedicated team, including LGBTQ+ members, shares a passion for crafting extraordinary African experiences for every individual. Safety and comfort are our top priorities for LGBTQ+ couples and families, and we meticulously plan every detail to ensure an immersive journey into Africa's magic. 

Our President, Sherwin Banda, champions LGBTQ+ travel on Condé Nast Traveler's first-ever Global Advisory Board and is recognized by Robb Report as one of the "16 LGBTQ+ Visionaries in Luxury You Should Know."

LGBTQ+ friendly destinations


South Africa stands out as the prime spot for LGBTQ+ travelers seeking inclusivity in Africa. Cape Town, known for its vibrant gay community, hosts festivals and boasts numerous LGBTQ+-friendly venues. As the first African nation to legalize same-sex marriage, South Africa upholds progressive values, safeguarding LGBTQ+ rights and denouncing discrimination.

South Africa

South Africa pride safari South Africa pride safari


Botswana pride safari⁠ Botswana pride safari ⁠



Botswana, a top destination for luxury safaris, recognized same-sex relationships in 2019. With low tourist density and lavish lodges, Botswana offers unmatched privacy amid diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife. Whether on a water safari in the Okavango Delta, exploring Chobe reserves, or venturing into the Kalahari desert, encounters with fellow travelers are minimal.


Discover Rwanda, a destination that not only captivates with its rare mountain gorillas but also stands as a beacon of progress in LGBTQ+ rights within East Africa. Same-sex relationships are legal in Rwanda, distinguishing it from its neighboring countries. Experience the beauty of Rwanda and its fascinating wildlife while knowing that you are welcomed and respected.


Rwanda pride safari Rwanda pride safari

Indian Ocean Islands

Islands⁠ Islands⁠



Discover paradise in the enchanting islands of the Indian Ocean. These idyllic havens ensure worry-free experiences for LGBTQ+ travelers. Mozambique, with legalized same-sex relationships since 2015, also provides discrimination protections. Madagascar, known for lemurs, chameleons, and rare marine life, welcomes LGBTQ+ visitors aged 21 and over. Seychelles, an epitome of tropical luxury, legalized same-sex relationships in 2016.

Luxury African Family Safaris

For inspiration, we have a Pride Safari Guide featuring our top experiences in Africa. Our guide includes helpful tips, how to MAKE TRAVEL MATTER®, and our favorite safaris.





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