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Be the Legacy

June 28th, 2018, by African Travel

July 18, 2018 is a milestone occasion marking Nelson Mandela’s centenary. African Travel, Inc. is deeply committed to uplifting local communities through our not-for-profit partner, the TreadRight Foundation and in honor of Nelson Mandela’s centenary, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate his legacy and also support his four pillars of service –

  • Education and literacy – because we need to give the youth “a fighting chance”.
  • Food security – because many children go to school simply for the meal they receive there and many families continue to go to bed without food.
  • Shelter – an essential intervention in our society.
  • Volunteerism – because sometimes it is more about giving time, than money.

Throughout the month of June, staff from African Travel, Inc. volunteered with Los Angeles based Baby2Baby, a non-profit that provides low-income children ages 0-12 years with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. This year, Baby2Baby is set to serve 180,000 children in Los Angeles. In addition to volunteering, African Travel has also helped purchase school uniforms so that children can continue their education.  

Nelson Mandela, who in addition to being an anti-apartheid revolutionary and political leader, was a philanthropist with an abiding love for children. Through his leadership, inspiration and unwavering determination to eliminate social injustices, African Travel will continue to work with project partners who we believe are “leading and helping change the world for the better.”  

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