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Fred & Cathy

April 2nd, 2020

Thanks to an amazing team

Our time in the bush and going on the game drives was spectacular! We saw all five of the big game animals: African elephant, leopard, lion, Cape buffalo, and Black rhinoceros. Witnessed the wildebeest migration along with herds of zebra, elephants and impalas. Our driver Salim was amazing as he traversed nearly impossible roads because of the rain. He was knowledgeable about flora and fauna as well as spotting animals in the wild. He could identify any creature be it winged or footed. 

Fred had a reaction to the anti-malaria medication, but fortunately we were at Lake Manyara Serena Lodge, where Dr. John Maswabe was attending. He was able to quickly identify the issue and treated Fred in our room. Administering an IV to rehydrate and followed up several times to assure he was improving. It was a highlight for Fred as they sat and chatted, he learned of Dr. John's dream to have a clinic within his home tribe. 

Because of COVID-19 our visit to Victoria Falls was cancelled due to closed boarders and cancelled return flights. We are most grateful to Meggan and her team at African Travel, Inc., John and Erick, Salim, Mohamed and Leopard Tours for securing our flights and transfers and getting us to the airport in time! Erick went above and beyond by staying at the hotel and sleeping in his car to be sure he would get any flight changes in a timely manner. The time difference from Tanzania to California made it so his office was closed in Arusha and information would not arrive in time. Erick was relying on the hotel to get the information. 

We can't thank all who made sure we arrived home safely! Thank you.

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