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Vicki L.

June 6th, 2022

What a wonderful time we had on our trip. I feel like African Travel takes good care of their clients and we appreciate that. 

With my wrist, I did have challenges. I had to forgo the rhino trekking. The extreme bumpiness of the track prevented me from going out but Gordon did go with the rhino trackers for 2 mornings and saw a rhino both days. 

We had wonderful lion and elephant sightings. The camps' staff were so wonderful and the food is always great. On thing I liked was the different tribes represented in the 3 camps. Himba, Herero and one of the northern clicking tribes (name hard for me to remember) were some we encountered. I had memorized a few Oshiwambo words but did not knowingly encounter anyone who spoke that! All so interesting. 

So glad we were able to finally go on this trip!


CST #2071444-20