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Marcie Karavakis

March 9th, 2022

We had such a wonderful time on our trip. The way the itinerary turned out was perfect. We loved Somalisa so much and hated to leave our new friends there but the River Lodge was a beautiful break. What a stunning place!

Ngoma was fantastic. Again, we felt really welcomed and at home with all of the people there. Botswana was my personal favorite.

The people, the food, the accommodations, the was all perfect. We had the safari lodges and even Victoria Falls mostly to ourselves so it was our own Private Africa Tour!

The two ladies that had their flight cancelled stayed an extra night at Ngoma and they were treated like Queens. 

The hotel in Cape Town was gorgeous and took good care of us while there. 

Everyone is saying it was the best trip of their life. I feel the same. I don't think I will be able to match this trip!

I did not see a Rhino but maybe I will go back one day when they are hopefully less endangered and that gives me something to look forward to!



CST #2071444-20