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Welcome to the African Travel safari blog. In this space, we share inspirational stories and ideas on adventures in Africa, plus our latest social posts! 

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10 Inspiring Africa Movies to Watch

January 3rd, 2023, by

At African Travel we love to connect to the places we love. One way for us to do this is through movies.

Get the popcorn and consider one of these 10 Inspiring Africa movies. Some are old favorites, some are documentaries, some will spur you into action.  Some will make you cry, and some will make you laugh.  Many will make you want to be in Africa right now.


Born Free
When most people think of visiting Africa, they think of wildlife.  For a certain generation, Born Free was the film that sparked a desire to see Africa and a movement towards animal rights.  This classic, released in 1966 and based on the nonfiction book, it tells the story of Elsa, an orphaned lion cub in Kenya and of George and Joy Adamson, the couple who forged an emotional bond with her.  You can’t help but for fall for Elsa, whose story ignited a movement around the way we perceive relationships between humans and animals and whose tale pushed the door open wide towards animal conservation.


Out of Africa
Another classic that fired people up to explore Kenya, Out of Africa is the story of Danish author Karen Blixen and her passionate love affair with a big game hunter.  Set during colonial time in colonial British East Africa, it doesn’t always show Blixen at her best, but the cinematography will satisfy the desire to escape into the wilds of a place most people only dream about.  


Queen of Katwe
If you like a defying all odds kind of story, you’ll love Queen of Katwe. It’s the inspirational real-life story of Phiona Mutesi, a girl growing up in the slums of Uganda who helps her mother sell food in the market and care for her baby brother.  When she meets Robert Katende, a coach who teaches children to play chess, Phiona goes on to become one of the country’s best female chess champions.  The hardship she and her family face offer hefty dose of reality, but her success will win you over.


Searching for Sugarman
The power of oral storytelling is revealed in the following the singer Rodriguez generated amongst fans who passed his music along by word of mouth.  Searching for Sugarman is the surprise hit documentary about South Africa’s greatest ‘70s rock icon who never was.  An American folk singer whose bootleg recording made it to a nation struggling through a dark period, Rodriguez’s song “I Wonder” became an anti-apartheid anthem.  The documentary follows two South Africans who came of age listening to him and their journey to find the singer whose sound captured a nation and who became a mythical legend because, despite his popularity, no one had ever seen him perform.  Chase the myth with them, by end you just might become a fan, too.


This Academy Award Oscar nominated film is the true story of the rangers risking their lives to save Africa's most precious national park and its endangered gorillas from war and damaging oil exploration activity within the UNESCO World Heritage site.  Virunga spotlights the brave people who have dedicated their lives to build a better future for themselves and the animals they protect in Virunga National Park, one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth.  If you’ve ever seen a mountain gorilla, or have a desire to see one, this film is a must.  It will restore your faith in humanity, it will break your heart, but it may also spur you to action.


BBC Planet Earth:  Africa
We’ll be honest, we’d be happy to watch a continuous loop of BBC’s Planet Earth Africa on Netflix.  So, sit back and relax as the amazing cinematography and narration carries you away on a journey through five regions of this stunning and diverse continent.  From extraordinary wildlife to unexplored rainforests and mountain ranges, the wow factor doesn’t get much better than this armchair adventure!


The First Grader
Another film based on a true story, The First Grader is about a Kenyan farmer and former Mau Mau tribesman Kimani Maruge who enrolled in elementary school at the age of 84 when the country introduced universal education in 2003.  Despite opposition to admitting him into a classroom of six-year-olds, his determination finds him an ally in one teacher.  It’s the story about the power of education, perseverance and the will to learn no matter one’s age.  We hope this hero’s journey inspires you.


The Ivory Game
Another Netflix original series, The Ivory Game is about the team of front-line rangers and undercover operatives who embark on dangerous missions to expose and disrupt the dark world of ivory trafficking.  From fighting poachers in Africa to exposing illegal ivory shops in China, the team risks their lives to save our elephants from those in pursuit of “white gold.”  If you support wildlife conservation, it will inspire you into action.


Our Planet
It would be wrong of us to tell you to focus on just one episode of Our Planet, but we are partial to the ones that shine a light on Africa and features the wild dogs of the Serengeti.  The wonderous beauty of our planet is revealed in breathtaking cinematography and guided by Sir David Attenborough who explains how we can take charge of our future from the climate change that impacts all living creatures.  


Black Panther
We couldn’t help ourselves with this one!  Whether you’re seeing it for the first time or enjoying it the second, third for fourth time around, Black Panther is just what we need right now.  This Marvel classic tells the story of T’Challa, who returns to his family’s kingdom home of fictional Wakanda, an African nation under threat from a rival warlord. In our hero’s battle against evil and his fight to reclaim his throne, this action movie challenges us to think about class structure, racism and our humanity and it also highlights African culture and traditions.  By the end of the film you’ll swear Wakanda is a real place and that’s a good thing.  Wakanda Forever!



TTC Net Zero Journey: Reset & Restore

December 5th, 2022, by Jonathan Brannan

We are focused on change through action, and to make progressive strides for our planet, people, and wildlife, we must continuously adapt. Today’s announcement reflects our commitment to continuous evolution, as we have released a RESET of our Climate Action Plan. Originally launched in 2021, our Climate Action Plan committed us to Measure, Reduce, Remove, Offset and Evolve. 

In a major reset, we’ve accelerated our original climate action commitments:  

  • Committed to reach net zero GHG emissions across the value chain by 2050 from a 2019 baseline year, the accompanying short-term and long-term targets, have been validated by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) 

  • Our reset plan prioritises reductions and eliminates the use of offsets  

  • We have established an internal carbon fund to invest in our net zero transition  

  • Our not-for-profit foundation, TreadRight, will move to prioritize nature-based solutions, in support of its three pillars of Planet, People and Wildlife  

  • We have updated our plan to 4 points, replacing Remove and Offset with Restore 


What is Net Zero? 

The first and foremost requirement of net zero is to decarbonize: reduce all emissions to zero – or as close to zero as possible. It prioritizes emissions reductions by requiring businesses to address things like energy and water consumption, food waste reduction, their purchasing decisions, and transportation emissions (to name a few). And, for any leftover, unavoidable emissions, compensation should be through investments into carbon removal projects – nature-based solutions that actually pull carbon out of our atmosphere. Hence, resulting in net zero emissions. 


How Will We Achieve Net Zero? 

This year, our science-based targets were validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), an independent body supporting businesses to set ambitious emissions reductions targets in line with the latest climate science. The SBTi developed the first net zero standard.  


We will focus on 5 areas of deep emissions reductions: 

  • Transition to low-carbon at our Red Carnation Hotels and other owned accommodations including Contiki Special Stays, Skye Inn and Morag’s Lodge, by implementing solutions such as renewable energy, plastic elimination, and food waste reduction technologies (all of these currently underway!) 

  • Generate and use renewable energy across all offices and facilities 

  • Reduce fuel emissions from Uniworld ships  

  • We will secure zero emissions vehicles for our tour brands – something that Evan Evans Tours has begun to implement, with the introduction in 2022 of its first fully electric coach! 

  • We will reduce the carbon footprint of our trips in collaboration with our destination partners and suppliers  


How Will We Achieve These Targets? 

We will invest in decarbonization in 2 ways: we will “Reduce” through our new Carbon Fund, and “Restore” through our TreadRight Foundation. 


Reduce through our Carbon Fund 

 Beginning in 2023, TTC’s family of brands will contribute to an internal Carbon Fund, a bold step towards prioritizing the planet and created solely to fund our business’s transition to low-carbon, through the 5 areas of focus mentioned above. We will report publicly on our Carbon Fund through our annual Impact Report


Restore through our TreadRight Foundation 

Our TreadRight Foundation was created in 2008 to support the sustainable travel initiatives of organizations worldwide, giving back to and empowering efforts that protect our planet, its people, and wildlife. In 2021 for the first time, we invested in 2 nature-based solutions: GreenWave and Project Vesta. Going forward, to support our Climate Action Plan, we will focus TreadRight’s philanthropic support on similar nature-based solutions and conservation efforts, that protect biodiversity and restore the planet. This is a critical component in the fight against climate change. 

We are excited to bring you along on our climate action journey. Stay tuned for exciting updates on our Carbon Fund and TreadRight Foundation projects in the months to come! 

African Travel Unveils 2023 Inspiration Guide

September 20th, 2022, by Jonathan Brannan

African Travel, Inc., unveils its brand new 2023 ‘inspiration guide’ brochure. From African Travel’s new safaris to their Platinum Collection, they are excited to introduce adventures which will satisfy clients’ desire to explore wildlife and cultures while making their travels matter.

As part of African Travel’s MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® sustainable focus, the new digital brochure highlights different ways to explore Africa and each itinerary features at least one MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience that supports wildlife conservation or local communities.

In celebration of the launch, African Travel is inviting the travel advisor community to experience these new and popular itineraries when they want and with their favorite people. As part of its Advisor Educational Program, qualified advisors can travel with up to three guests and receive 30% saving on African Travel’s 2023 brochure safaris of 7+ nights. Plus, advisors receive $200* after their first booking of 7 nights or more.

“Our 2023 inspiration guide showcases why ‘We Know Africa’ and how our immersive safaris guide guests into the heart of Africa.” says Sherwin Banda, President of African Travel Inc., “With the support of our TreadRight Foundation, all of our 2023 brochure itineraries will feature one of our MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences which meets at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Global Goals,” he added.

“For agents, we are committed to bringing Africa to life and making their lives easier. This digital brochure does two things well – providing ideas about Africa’s top destinations while being easy to customize with the advisor’s details and share with clients. The brochure also represents the expanded choices of Africa destinations that advisors can explore with us this next year,” he concluded. 

African Travel has seen substantial growth in travelers staying longer and spending more in Africa destinations. Many of the new and enhanced trips, showcase a deeper dive into Africa’s most popular and emerging destinations, including:


South African Tapestry

With new air routes to South Africa, clients will have greater access to plan their unforgettable journeys. New to this 11-day itinerary, guests spend more days in South Africa’s winelands and have more time to discover a rich mosaic of wildlife, wellness, and wine. Across two of South Africa’s coastal cities and an unforgettable safari at the revamped Savanna, guests meet artists, winemakers, wellness, and wildlife enthusiasts featured in various MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences including private tours of Cape Town’s winelands and a Kwazulu-Natal Midlands tour.


Wild Zambia

As one of the last few untouched wildernesses, Zambia is the next great adventure destination with many new lodges offering sustainable technology and simple elegance. This new 10-day safari adventure explores South Luangwa National Park, the birthplace of the African walking safari, ventures to Livingston and Mosi-oa-Tunya where endangered white rhino are closely guarded and the new Lolebezi Safari Lodge, located in the untouched wilds of the Lower Zambezi National Park with some of the best wildlife sightings in the world including its elephant herds and leopard population.


Platinum Botswana

For safari connoisseurs and those looking for an ultra-luxe trip of a lifetime, the 11-day Platinum Botswana is a must. As part of the brochure launch, African Travel is offering even more days to explore Botswana timed to a secret zebra migration. Clients who book now and travel between January-April 2023** will receive an additional complimentary night at the five-star Xigera Safari Lodge and luxuriously-appointed Zarafa Camp. During this limited time offer, solo travelers will enjoy no single supplements.


The digital brochure can be viewed online:


For more information, please contact your local African Travel Inc., Sales Manager.


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